TYLÖHELO Technical Training

Evolved of Sauna
SAUNA, pronounced “sow-nah”, has been a way of life in Finland for thousands of years. The earliest Sauna was dug into in the ground and a shack built over it.

Through the years, Sauna had evolved from traditional stone heating, to wood-burning, and finally the current electrical heaters, although the wood burning Saunas are still largely available and loved by many.

TylöHelo Kastor Karhu wood burning sauna

With new technology, Sauna professionals need to constantly upgrade and improve their knowledge on the products, which the TYLÖHELO Technical Training was especially hands-on focus on TylöHelo latest heaters and controls.

Technical Training
Training was held at TylöHelo plant at Halmstad, Sweden, on 24 and 25 September 2019. It was a super long flight from home. We made a few connecting flights, Singapore – Helsinki – Stockholm – Halmstad.

The training was conducted by Fredrik and assist by Magnus, both very knowledgeable trainers in their field. Training was split into 2 parts: (1) Product Theory and (2) Technical Practice; we learnt in-depth knowledge on installing, servicing and maintaining old and new products. The main focus is on the TylöHelo new controls, Elite and Pure 2.0, and their specific function.

Fredrik conducting the training
Hands-on training on upgrading firmware for the new Elite Control and Relay Box

Open Discussion and Sauna Experience
The training session of 2 days ended with sauna and steam bathing time. The TylöHelo Halmstad office is equipped with many ready sauna and steam rooms of various models and style installed. Its an awesome experience hopping from room to room, enjoying the difference temperature setting. And a cold plunge pool, that is a critical experience after a sauna session to jump into. The cold spike into your flesh and provide an ultimate sensation.

While you are in the sauna, together with different TylöHelo partners around the globe, we discuss about our passion and experience. Its an unforgettable moment, when you learn about how others makes their steam sauna business.

TylöHelo Ambassador
It was very fruitful training and sharing experience, and we are issued with certificate as TylöHelo Ambassador.

With the certification, it marks a new embarkment for us. It raised our professionalism and skills to provide fully a total solution for our clients.

And like the slogan of TYLÖHELO – Saunas Making You Better.

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