infrared heat therapy

Embrace the penetrating heat waves of infrared that makes you sweat almost immediately.

Infrared therapy has gained popularity in recent decades with ambient temperature normally between
40 ~ 60 degree celsius.

Cabin (modular)

Bring the health benefits of heat into your home with a infrared cabin, which easy to install and simple to use Infrared cabin are equipped with low radiation IR panels.

Bluetooth enable speakers and color changing LED, powered by any home 13A power point.

Custom Built

The options with our custom built are endless, with the use of all-glass doors, angles, wood/tiles, special lighting and sound systems.

Your spa idea with our experience and quality, assures unmatched form and function, which is perfect for new construction or remodeling, residential and commercial.

The Built

Infrared cabin, whether modular or custom built, shall be installed in a dry environment with good nature ventilation.

Wood is still the preferred finishes internally, but you can always pampered yourself with various finishes design.

Infrared can be a small 1.0 meter square area and preferably not more than 1.9m tall (internally) for a 1-pax seater, or go huge where space is allowed.


As the heat deliver in an Infrared cabin is relatively lower than a sauna, there are option to include audio, video and chroma for a enhance therapy enjoyment.

Download the steam sauna fact sheet for your home spa experience

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