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A steam shower or sometimes also called a steam bath is a bathing system where a humidifying steam generator produces water vapor that is dispersed around a person’s body.

The Room

Steam room must be completely enclosed and the shower door sealed on top and both sides, leaving the bottom unsealed to allow ventilation and facilitates opening and closing the door.

Walls must be constructed of water-resistant, non-corrosive surface and preferrably non-porous material.

The Ceiling

Limit steam room ceiling height to 2.4m. Exceeding 2.4m may require a higher-rated steam generator. Sloping the ceiling to prevent dripping is an option.

Recommended material includes: tiles, acrylic, fiberglass or aluminium

Steam Generator

The steam generator shall be located in a dry location outside the steam room and not expose to weather within 10m from the steam room.

The steam generator requires a 300mm clearance on both sides and 100mm from top for servicing.

Steam Head

Steam head should be placed away from the seating area to avoid burning legs and feet. 

Pitch steam line towards steam head or steam generator to avoid valleys and trapping of condensate.

Use only copper or brass tubing.

Download the steam sauna fact sheet for your home spa experience

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