Are you interested in adding AromaTherapy to your steam shower? When you add essential oils to your ‘Feel Good’ experience, you emerge relaxed, with your mind and body feeling invigorated. Mr Steam considers aroma an important part of SteamTherapy. For that reason, we have created several ways for you to blend aroma with steam.

In case you are new to AromaTherapy, here’s a little background. Practiced for thousands of years, AromaTherapy is considered mankind’s first medicine. The ancient Greeks and Romans associated many natural and soothing health benefits with different aromatic essential oils.

Nowadays, AromaTherapy is often associated with holistic practices of caring for the body using botanical oils.

How To Add AromaTherapy To Your Steam Shower Experience

Mr Steam offers two ways to incorporate AromaTherapy into the ultimate steam shower (and warm towel) experience:

  1. You can add essential oils to an aroma steam head as well as to one of two towel warmer styles which come with an AromaTherapy oil well (Broadway and Metro collections).
  2. You can install the AromaSteam system, which evenly infuses oils into the steam bath via an electronic delivery system for a balanced, seamless integration of AromaTherapy.

Add A Drop of Essential Oil For An AromaTherapy Experience

For an in-the-moment, low tech approach to SteamTherapy, add a drop or two of essential oil. (You’ll find the essential oils described below.) Prior to turning on the steam bath, simply place a drop or two of the Mr Steam concentrated essential oil into your AromaSteam steam heador your towel warmer reservoir.

Note: if you intend to use different essential oils, we recommend wiping the steam head off (and the towel warmer reservoir).

For An Intense and Complete AromaTherapy Experience, Try the AromaSteam System

Mr Steam offers a special AromaSteam system, which evenly infuses oils into the steam bath via an electronic delivery system for a balanced, seamless integration of aromatherapy. It merges oil and steam into a sensuous mix, and the AromaSteam system injector pump atomizes the oil, creating the perfect in-steam aromatherapy experience.

If you are serious about AromaTherapy, this is the ideal solution for you. The pump delivers a vibrant aroma that will surely make you feel intensely good as you relax with steam. You can also easily add the AromaSteam system after installing your steam shower. All you need is access to a power plug for the AromaPump, and about one hour of labor from a plumber. The AromaPump can be located anywhere outside of the shower, ideally somewhere easy for you to access so you can change the AromaSteam bottle when it is empty.

Essential Oils From Mr Steam

Mr Steam has developed specially formulated AromaTherapy essential oils extracted from organic flowers and plants.  Each aromatic oil offers a distinct fragrance with characteristics that may support the body’s specific therapeutic needs to help you restore and repair.

  • Eucalyptus is a  refreshing aroma that may help open air passageways. This is especially therapeutic if you are sick or have difficulty breathing. Use the eucalyptus essential oil in your AromaSteam system to set up a steam bath fit to relieve your cold-season blues.
  • Lavender is the perfect essential oil to calm anxiety. After a stressful day at work, a steam session coupled with the calming and restorative properties of lavender will be sure to relax your body and mind, helping you to think clearly and be ready to tackle your next big task.
  • Evergreen is great for the winter months. Sure, evergreen itself is very festive to the holiday season, but did you know it carries benefits to refresh and uplift, helping you clear your mind? While you’re stuck inside during cold, gloomy winter days, taking a steam bath with evergreen will be sure to lift your spirits.
  • Mint is a clean and crisp scent, perfect to stimulate and energize your body and mind. Need a pick me up in the morning? Supplement your steam session with some mint oil to wake yourself up and you’ll be ready to start your day.
  • Breathe has tropical and bright tones, perfect for clearing your chest, nose and sinuses. Steam already works to clear these passages, which is especially helpful when you are sick. Adding the essential “breathe” oil will further clear these passages, allowing you to breathe better and supplement your overall wellness.

These essential oils are available in 10ml bottles and in one liter bottles for use in the AromaSteam system. Visit our product page

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