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Whether you are a home owner planning for your new renovation, a designer proposing to your client, or a contactor constructing a heat therapy room, there are many details that you need to understand and focus to get the best wellness through heat therapy.

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A steam shower shall be constructed as a wet room design, with full water proof material from floor to ceiling.

Inner floor level to be lower than external and provide a floor drain inside the steam room.

The steam shower shall be fully enclosed with good door selection to ensure a tight seal across the front of the steam shower.

Steam Bath Design

The materials used in a steam shower play an important role in the proper sizing of the steam generator.

Many showers use ceramic tile, but natural stone can also be used; however, it will require a larger steam generator to heat the dense stone.

Strongly recommended to have anti-slip proof for the floor finishes.

Steam Bath Finishes

Ceiling is to be construct with heat and water resistance material.

Recommended ceiling height to be within 2.4m. Higher ceiling means bigger generator is required to steam up the room.

When preparing the ceiling, it is good to have a 1:12 slope to the ceiling for condensation to roll down the ceiling instead of forming water droplets in dripping on you.

Steam Bath Ceiling

Lighting is an essential design within a steam shower.  Light fixture is to be at least IPX5 rated., and able to withstand up to 70°C.

Mood lighting to great way to enhance your senses while you are steam bathing.  Maintenance light is still necessary even when you had install the mood light.

Steam Bath Lighting

Chosing the right steam generator that performs to expectation is the key component to enjoy best benefits from steam bathing.

Selection of the control and steam head to match your bath room design.

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Amerec AX



A sauna can be a dry (high heat low himidity) or wet (lower heat higher humidity) heat room, with timber cladding as the main finishes.

Sauna should be build within a maximum height of 2.4m (strongly recommend at 2.1m).  HIgh ceiling will require a bigger power heater to generate heat, which is not energy efficent and cost you more.

Floor drain is highly recommended.

Sauna Design

Saunas are construct with timber, specifically softwood, as they are more heat resistance, do not bend, warp or splinter easily under high temperatures.

The common timber for saunas are, Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Alder, and many others.  Undersatand the type of timber can allow you to design your unique room that stands out.

Do note that no chemical varnish shall be apply within the sauna room.

Sauna Timber

The sauna room must be insulated to prevent penetrating heat to the external, which force the heater to work harder to compensate such heat lost.

Knowledge in preparing good air-gap between insulation and the sauna wall is essential to better retain the heat inside.

Sauna Insulation

Creating a soft lighting for a sauna is part of the design.  Light fixture need not be IP rated but need to be able to withstand up to 120°C.

Mood lighting to great way to enhance your senses while you enjoy your sauna bath.  Location of such mood light the key for ultimate chormatherapy experience.

Sauna Lights

Chosing the right sauna heater that performs to expectation is the key component to enjoy best benefits from steam bathing. With a great heater design, it brings the “cool” feel of you owning a home sauna.

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Sauna Introduction



Radiant heat from infrared emitting panels penetrates into your joints, muscles and tissues, increasing oxygen flow and blood circulation.

Infrared sauna is different from traditional sauna. You do not need the high heat of traditional sauna to enjoy.  It is the beneficial infrared energy, that penetrates your skin to help rid the body of harmful toxins.

Infrared Design

Construction of a infrared sauna is similar to a traditional sauna. Timber are used as the cladding finishing.

Due to the lower heat, more viarant can be combine to produce different results, comparing to a traditional sauna.

Infrared Panels

As the heat is generally lower, audio and video system can be incorperate into a infrared sauna system

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Infrared Equipment

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